She weeps once more

A sweet child weeps alone in the dark and cold –
Shivering and fearing what it is she’s done;
Not understanding what it means, just five years old.

She should not have played this game, he said.
She was told it was her fault; her shame.
She brought this on herself, they blame.

A sweet young girl, who feels alone, falling apart;
Who has been tossed aside, abandoned.
She weeps for losses she can’t understand.

A girl – abused, ashamed. She can’t see
That it’s the world that’s broken, not she.
So she weeps for her impossibilities.

And less than a lifetime later,
That same sweet girl will recall
Exactly the way it felt to fall.

To spiral out of control; down, down down.
To retreat into herself to hide. Survive.
To wish once more to not be alive.

To have her confidence shaken, taken.
But she’ll be stronger, because she must.
Already, she has risen from ashes and dust.

From a place where no one knew,
A burden to shoulder and secrets to keep.
Hiding within her shell, buried deep.

There, she’ll feel it all – raw, unfiltered.
Feeling the hurt and taking the blame.
Still with a burden, but nothing’s the same.

One night with infinite ripples in time.
One man’s choice to shatter a family,
To kick her down along this uphill climb.

But one day there will be light.
One day, she will shine once more
With a radiance that’s brightest at her core.


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